Guideline Education Consultancy is established with a prime motive be a guideline centre to provide guidelines for adapting international trends in higher education to promising students and future generation that offers: Research and Consultation for Higher Education, Marketing and Promotion, Student Recruitment, Admission Services, Visa Applications, Expert Advice and Career Counselling.

Study abroad and other international experiences are widely considered to be valuable for students, and to develop a wide range of soft skills such as inter-cultural communication, openness to new challenges, problem-solving and decision-making skills in returnees. There is clear quantitative evidence to illustrate the value of study abroad for students, both in terms of their initial employability as new graduates, and on their later career development. Keeping this in view, guideline education consultancy thrives to meet the customized needs of students from diverse socio-economic and academic background; as the amount of freedom in choices is partially dependent upon the social, economic, and cultural context of individuals.

We provide genuine consulting services to students that meets their current need for pursuing higher education that widens their career horizon. We assist student to explore, pursue and attain their career goals from the very beginning by crafting students’ profile to match the Universities and college profile.  We encourage student to be engaged in the decision-making process in order that they can choose a career path that is well suited to their own interests, values, abilities and personality style. For this we facilitate student in every possible ways including (but not limited to) admission (examination) preparation, Visa Preparation, other Itineraries and Career guidance services. We are here at your service, Welcome to Guideline Education Consultancy!